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Smart Home Security Systems – What Are The Benefits?

In our previous article, we looked at burglary statistics and explored how to keep your home safe from intruders. Unfortunately, sometimes even the most vigilant homeowners can become victims of theft and property damage; common sense measures can only go so far when protecting your home.

Home security systems may feel a bit over the top or unnecessary to those who have not experienced a break-in, but for those who have been unlucky enough to fall victim to burglary, home security systems are very important indeed. The lasting mental effects of having an intruder in your home can be difficult to manage, so many victims find a robust home security package helps them to sleep more soundly at night, as well as allowing them to relax during the day when they’re away from home.

These days, home security is more than just installing a security light and alarm system – the technology has moved along with everything else, so you may be surprised at what is now available on the market. Security is an important business, and thanks to development in the industry spurred on by commercial landowners, residential properties can now also enjoy a highly professional level of security for their own home

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Smart home security – more than just a box on the wall

Smart home security systems are so called because they can link up to your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to control your security system remotely. If something happens to alert your security system of a possible intruder, a notification will be sent to your phone.

For instance, depending on the type of home security package that has been installed, a homeowner may have a live video stream sent to their phone, so that they can see exactly what is going on and therefore choose whether to call the police or not. Cameras, motion detectors and less passive features such as fogging capabilities can all be accessed, turned on or off, and monitored from your smartphone.

Smart home security systems are usually overseen by a security company, who can call the police for you in event of a break-in, and are on-hand for support. They will also monitor the system to ensure it’s working properly at all times, all for a nominal monthly subscription fee. Often, having a security system like this can lower your home insurance premiums, which can offset the monthly subscription payment.

Added peace of mind

When considering a home security system, many people weigh up the likelihood of being burgled with the cost of the system as a whole. While smart home security systems are built specifically to protect the home against this type of crime, they can also have day-to-day benefits you may not have considered. For instance, you could use security camera live-streams to check on your pets if they’re at home alone. You will also be notified when your alarm system has been disabled by an authorised user, and this can tell you that your children have returned home safely from school, for example.

A comprehensive smart home security system will give you peace of mind in a variety of ways, and you can tailor the package you want to your needs as a household

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Multiple functionalities

As well as keeping your home secure and helping you keep an eye on your household from afar, smart home security systems can also have added safety features to help keep you and your family both safe and informed. Carbon monoxide alarms and smoke alarms can be incorporated into the security system, so you’ll be alerted upon activation wherever you are in the world.

Having these features linked up to the security company who is monitoring your system can really help if you’re not at home, or if you have fallen victim to an accident and are unable to notify the emergency services yourself.

If you feel you require more robust protection, some smart security packages come with a panic button, so that you can summon additional protection if you need to. The Office of National Statistics states that, ‘in over half of incidents of domestic burglary in a dwelling where an offender gained entry into the dwelling, someone was at home at the time’. This is a chilling thought, and one in which a panic button may well be useful.

Prevent crime & aid conviction

A good-quality smart home security system will give your home that added layer of protection, where intruders can be thwarted at almost every stage of a burglary.

Firstly, evidence of security cameras around doorways and the perimeter of the property is likely to be off-putting to potential thieves, and may prevent a burglary of your home just by being there. Secondly, should someone attempt to break into your home, their activity will be monitored and you will be notified of any activated alarms. Additional features can prevent an intruder from taking anything once inside, such as fogging or spraying them with a detectable substance. A sounding alarm can help to alert your neighbours.

Having witnesses, camera footage and other evidence can help a conviction along if the intruder is caught. Unfortunately, just 6.9% of burglary cases ended in a conviction in 2017, so anything that can help improve this is favourable for all.

Be 100% in control of your home security

Being able to see what is going on in and around your home from afar is a comforting thought for those who have fallen victim to this kind of crime in the past. When you’ve been burgled, being at home can be nerve-wracking, and being away from home can be frightening too. Having this additional level of control over your home security, and knowing that a professional security company is keeping an eye on things too can take a huge amount of pressure off.

Here at VPS we offer a range of home security packages and solutions to suit all properties; whether you live in a city high-rise or you have a listed home in the country. For a free, no obligation consultation, or just to chat about your options, call us on 0345 145 0130 or use our contact form to get in touch

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