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Patio, French and BiFold Door Guide

Patio Doors Explained

Our wide range of different patio door options, including sliding, French and BiFold doors, give you a great choice for your home. An effortless transition between home and garden can be achieved with our BiFold doors, or if you prefer a more traditional look, French doors may be for you. Our sliding doors allow you to choose how open you’d like them to be, giving you flexibility when you have children or pets.

We have a wide range of materials to choose from:

Sliding Patio Door Pros

  • Panels can be wider than French or BiFold doors, giving you a larger glazed area for uninterrupted views
  • You can control the size of the opening, sliding the moving door to a level which suits you
  • Easy to use – even for children and the elderly
  • Sliding doors don’t encroach into your garden or living space

French Door Pros

  • Can be opened inwards or outwards depending on your preference
  • One or both doors can be opened, giving you versatility
  • French doors suit many different property styles
  • Georgian bars are available if you prefer a more traditional look
  • Extra security is available for French doors with a Patlock

BiFold Door Pros

  • BiFold doors can be opened right up to create a seamless transition between the outside and the inside.
  • A ‘traffic door’ can be incorporated, giving you the option to use just one door for access
  • Can open inwards or outwards, depending on your preference
  • A wide range of door configurations are available to fit almost any space